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Stacey & Steven’s Wedding

Stacey & Steven’s Wedding

Stacey & Steven had a Wedding they will remember forever, thanks to City Sounds Entertainment. On Saturday September 20th the friends and family of our newlyweds packed the dance floor and danced all throughout the evening. To enhance their beautiful venue, Stacey & Steven displayed CSE’s Wireless Up-Lighting around the room to add a unique…

Jessica & Michael’s Wedding

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Jessica and Michael began their lives as husband and wife on Saturday August 2nd, 2014 at the Holiday Inn in East Windsor, NJ. City Sounds Entertainment was on hand bringing the best in entertainment for these newlyweds. CSE created the perfect club- like atmosphere with our Wireless L.E.D Up-Lighting that changed colors throughout the night…

Justin’s Bar Mitzvah

City Sounds Entertainment, Green Screen Photography, Mitzvah Entertainment, Extra Entertainment, City Sounds Entertainment

Green Screen Photography is a fun and modern technology that allows guests to be super imposed onto a variety of different images. It’s a great source of entertainment for your friends and family, and they’ll love their unique party favor. Justin’s party goers enjoyed CSE’s Green Screen Photography at his Bar Mitzvah celebration on Saturday…

Air Brush Artist Entertainment

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Featuring an Air Brush Artist at your child’s Mitzvah is a popular extra to add to your child’s special day.  Traditionally, guests can get T-shirts, and hats airbrushed with their name in their favorite colors.  Now air brush artists have taken airbrushing to the next level. They can air brush sneakers, towels, and even mini…

Lounge Music for your Cocktail Hour

There is a lot to think about when planning a Wedding.  Venue, Photographer, Flowers, Dress, the list grows bigger and bigger as time goes on.  One of the most important elements is your Entertainment. The music selections you choose can make or break your Wedding.  City Sounds Entertainment is always updating their music library to…