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City Sounds Entertainment Staff

The high-quality staff at City Sounds Entertainment knows how to get your party going and keep it going. Our professional MCs, DJs, Dancers, Musicians, and Production Team bring their experience, talent, energy, and enthusiasm to every event and it shows in our performance.

MC & DJ Teams

Our MC and DJ Teams hold great responsibility in coordinating each and every element of your celebration from the moment you arrive to your final goodbyes. Most would agree the MC is the most important element of a successful event. Our experienced MC’s create the energy and excitement that family and guests expect from a once in a lifetime affair, all while putting the family and friends at ease with his professionalism. Of course the music selection is also very important. The DJ will mix the different genres of music, making sure each and every guest hears something they can dance too. Our DJ’s have a library of music with over 60,000 songs. Playing off the crowd’s energy, our DJ’s will keep the dance floor packed with a great mix of music.



City Sounds Entertainment Dancers are experienced entertainers, professionally recruited and thoroughly trained to energize your party without taking it over. CSE Dancers will work with the MC to create an experience of interacting with the kids, as well as the adults, never letting the energy of the event slow down. All of our Dancers have great personalities and are fun people to be around. They love to perform and their personalities will shine, keeping the focus on your child, family, and friends. Besides playing games with the kids and showing the hottest new dances, they along with the MC will maintain control of your event and keep the kids entertained. Here at City Sounds Entertainment we also have talented Break Dancers. Watch our B-Boys spin on their heads, back-flip, and wow your guests on the dance floor.


Musicians & Vocalists

City Sounds Live is a unique concept for those seeking a combination of live and pre-recorded sound. Add a talented Percussionist,Saxophonist, Keyboard Player, or Three piece Jazz Trio and spice up your event with spectacular live sound. Whether entertaining during cocktail hour & dinner or jamming alongside our DJ, Live Musicians always add a note of class and energy. In addition to Musicians our talented male & female Vocalists can sing a variety of classics or get in the middle of the dance floor and sing today’s hottest jams.